Magnificence of Motivation

We watch them light up our screens awe at their magnificence, marvel at their successes from Jada Pinkett Smith,Meryl Streep, yet not many of us are aware of the journey, or focus on the systemic sacrifice. It is easy to say i want, i need yet how many of us are willing to commit and say i will risk. As the Oscars and the Academy awards reveal the brilliance of method actors and actresses, their stories, their successes, and their trials and triumphs on screen, some of us are envious yet we are conflicted, because we are so desperate to be normal and yet we try and imitate whats different, when there is success. On their way up, those individuals would have been ridiculed for standing against the grain, questioned for not becoming one of the masses but striking a path with their own individualism. Theres an old saying, look where the masses are going , and go the opposite way your chances are better, ‘so  long as your not a serial killer or a convict.’

You will fail many times, be judged, be humiliated, some of you may even end up the local laughing stock. ” Who wants to be a millionaire?” I started this blog back when i had just left my old work place, i got fed up with the office politics and i needed something to inspire me and those around me. Years later im in talks with an investor about turning redebonyhotspot into an app! Who would have thought that what started as my side project, could literally change my life. My recommendation, go for it, give it all you have, you never know who is paying attention.

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