Unlocking The Path to change

There is a myth , a dialogue nursed by surrounding yourself with the wrong audience of people. There is a lack of opportunity. People pick at opportunities like welts on their skin, ripping them aside like flesh then casting them away, they let the chaos bubble to the surface then weep to anyone who will listen…..we have no opportunities, they proclaim. These are not the people you want to be, neither are these the people you want to surround yourself with, for excuses have claimed them, and lack of prosperity eats into their time. It is easy to throw our hands up and proclaim, there is a lack of. Yet we must open up a stealthy mind. The more you programme your mind to spot opportunity, and consistently cultivate habbits that commandeer productive change, the more you will line up with a higher calling. You must do more than just believe, it is in your work ethic, it is in your dialogue with friends, it is in your social and cultural stratification, and your networking, it becomes more than a way of life and a methodology, it is an enhanced mindset. Change comes from within. All portals to navigate a greater change stem from the mind, every story you tell yourself is the fiction you will live and die by. There is no morse code, just your mental programming that unlocks your pathway to life.

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