Splendour in the war

There is a splendour of words used to isolate the dreamer. Others will laugh some will crucify you for daring to believe you could be more. You should want more, you could have more. It is a conversation in your head and in your heart, you are investing in your future and in the paths of the generations that come after you when you resist the decadent musings of others. The need to conform to others stereotypes and invisible rules, to be a self that suits everyone else but you. Whatever the mind can concieve, it can achieve, with plans in place. Goals a strategy, and consistency. Do not assassinate your dreams with the fear of others. Those who can’t, will tell you it’s impossible because they let fear feed them foibles from its table. Crumbs of a life, they were told would satisfy them, and when you open your mouth to speak, they find themselves wanting.  To rebirth a dream from the plain of unfamiliar things, let it command with lions gait, and sit upon a throne of jewels, you must remember that you are the captain of your ship. You must steer your ship into the right course,it’s fuel must be consistency with words and actions.

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