The courage to be consistent

Discipline is a sturdy word. Yet i would say, go for practice, go for consistency, take a chunk out of the big dream and break it down. Shrink it in your minds eye until its nothing but a nugget. Dreams can be scary things, at times foreboding. There’s a change of habit involved, that word we detest so much sacrifice, and sometimes we even loose people. Yet what if in the long run, you gain so much more? What if that belief you had, is not just talk anymore, you can look at your reflection in the mirror with pride and say you know what if I was picking a team, id pick me. Id pick me as first draft, striker, ace, wild card, id trust me, id invest in me, my words actually mean something.

Someone once called me a hypocrite. Life makes hypocrites of us all, you find yourself contradicting decisions you make, second guessing yourselves, challenging a mind that was once glue. Yet all of a sudden each thought is banana skin, you slip in and out of it. Let me let you in on a secret, such is life. It is the evolution of the self. With every big dream we take on, we shed a little bit of our old skin, we become fragmented leaving pieces of ourselves in translation. Love yourself, don’t loose yourself in the war to be successful. My friend it is a war. You will combat with those who are familiar with the you that is part of their safe zone, you will be resented at times for stepping apart from the crowd, yet to move with distinction, you must step outside of the prison of a small mind. You must learn to forgive yourself, some of the errors you will make in the area of consistency, and you must accept that who you become tomorrow is a product of what you did today. Time is the most expensive thing to waste. It is non negotiable, and cannot be bartered.

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