The promise of perspective

When you change your thoughts, you change your perspective. I am there with you. Wherever you are, whether you are trudging through the snow, weeping on your way back from a bad situation, discontent in your skin, trying to figure life out like an arithmetic equation, i understand the frustration about the self you want to become and the struggle you arise from. Each morning words chisel to the bone.

Dialogue like acid tearing away at the person you are becoming, you are not alone. I was mad for so many years, why wont they let me be happy, all these others and their piggy back problems, those people who loathe the varying versions of themselves. Yet i continued to listen to their words, whispers that would plant granite in my eardrums like stones making me deaf to hearing my own potential. It is not what others tell you, it is who you know you are that counts.

This self is no fixed metal, we are liquids, shape shifting in time. Love yourself, and the person you are evolving into. Feed this soul, knowledge, wisdom, the educated words of great leaders, those who have met your challenge and walked away with their head held high and their confidence like a tattoo on their breast. Change your thoughts about yourself, write statements that build you up. I am learning, i am growing, i am seeking, i am building, i am growing, i am possibility, i am infinite, and you will access progress and a season of productive change.

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