Business Dynamo and Venture Capitalist Genius Sam Copley invites us for a seat at the table

Business elite , champion investor, and financial maverick has just joined the list of elite professionals ive added for profile. Handsome, highly intelligent and a sophisticated investor, Sam Nallen Copley has been in venture capital for many years, providing a service that is both engaging and very much in demand so have a seat as i profile this market leader, and he shares his story of enterprise.

What is your name and give us a brief about your business.

I am Sam Copley. I work in Venture capital with a focus on biotechnology (both neurotech brain to computer interface technology and age related disease prevention. I spent much of my time speaking with other family offices and private investors, discussing potential co-investment opportunities and raising capital for our portfolio companies.

Why did you start this business?

I have long had an interest in disruptive technology and supporting scientific innovation. I was fortunate enough to have the chance to move into this space after working for a couple of years in more Vanilla cap-intro.

What is your background?

I spent most of my early adulthood abroad,with notable chapters in Japan, France and Papua New Guinea working in a wide range of sectors related to intelligence,language,culture and political risk. In my late 20’s i returned to London , entangled myself briefly in banking , before moving into more specialised areas of private wealth management.

What inspires you?

High quality deal flow. I interact with a global network of founders attempting to transform every aspect of the human experience. When i start due diligence on a start up transmitting abstract information from a computer into the brain, or a mining company eyeing up asteroids , i feel hugely privileged to be able to examine technologies that may wellshape where we are heading as a species.

what challenges have you faced?

I avoided a conventional career path in my youth, which made it hugely challenging entering the rigid world of Mayfair banking in my late 20’s. After leaving Oxford in 2011, i sought adventure abroad with no concrete vision of my ultimate vocation.This culminated in spending the best part of a year living with a tribe in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea , with no access to the internet, running water or the outside world. Trading in a bow and arrow for a keyboard was one of the hardest life decisions ive ever had to make.

Tell us about your brand

I pride myself on maintaining a network of highly driven and intelligent individuals globally. My brand relies on the understanding that members of my circle give and take: I am always excited when i can introduce an investor to a budding entrepreneur looking to solve a particular problem , in need of seed funding. I am extremely proud of the company i keep and i believe i have one of the most colourful black books in London.

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