How to make a million whilst working from home

I have been thinking of multiple ways to bing in an income whilst surfing online, as i plot my way towards a more abundant mindset. One of the key ways to bring in business is by starting a system of referrals, referring other businesses and getting a fee for it. I believe there is the potential to collect millions even billions by building an elite referral system with an active network aiding our business peers and getting a fee ourselves.


The WhatsApp introducer, how many of us just use WhatsApp for mere banter and lazy dialogue, why not setup groups and introduce contacts to engage with one another of course collecting fees for the introductions


An active WhatsApp group can be a great location for promo, so for a fee after one has built a highly interactive and engaged WhatsApp group, you charge people a fee to advertise their services in it.


creating your own pixelated billboard platform where people pay a fee to advertise. The origins of this stemmed from the million dollar homepage, yet if done differently and with an adjusted script one could really capitalise


A business marketplace where contacts can sell their products and engage one another in virtual speed pitches with investors.

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