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Many of us strive towards financial freedom hungry, eager to proove to ourselves that were capable of fulfilling our potential. If your someone that is eager to do the work, and your passionate about your creative potential, here at Alchemii we are here to support you. Hosw do you monetsie your social platforms, and engage an interactive audience. Pay attention to the different algorithms online and the various platforms you aim to sell on, research them, actively. What are the strengths of your product, how can you engage the most consumers and problem solve for them. Problem solving helps you build a relationship with your potential clientel , it helps you social proof your brand and be identified as an expert in your niche. Research thouroghly your area of interest, what are you bringing to the table, what is your offering? How will your product get your clients to their next steps, and help them accomplish either a goal, or accomplish and achieve. Look at the gaps in the market, where does your product fit? How will you brand it, Package it? What buzz words will you use for the marketing, what trends can you capitalise on that your main audience are searching for? Pay attention to terms, other competitive products, and look at how you can learn and model on their successes. One of the biggest keys to effective branding is researching your niche intricately, layering an effective campaign and targeting your audience. Know who your audience is , what isle they’d shop in the local supermarket or store, how much their budget is, why they’d put money aside for your product, how they navigate on the internet, what sites they visit regularly, sites they’d favourite, products they’d pin on pinterest, even potential goals and vision. Where do they see themselves? What are their financial goals, how do they manage their budget, what is missing in their annual spend or monthly spend. The real key to online success is consistency and commitment, repetition, and effective marketing. From email marketing, to engaging with comments, groups, followers. and network. What value can you add? How can you make business a two way system?

Please show your support and purchase this incredible reads by myself and colleague Stephen Gillen, and if you have any brands you’d like to submit feel free to message me here.

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