Outside of E=Mc (squared)?

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There is a fiction told that certain things we want to accomplish in this life are impossible. Impossible is positioning, impossible is planning, impossible is network, impossible is investment. Oh? They usually dont think that far, it just sprouts from their lips. Its impossible. Yet the wright brothers be;lieved that they could fly and now we have aeroplanes, men walk on the moon, there are towns and cities structured and designed, from the construct of an architect and his/ her pen, ideas put together by inventors. When we come across these impossible people, politely inform them that impossible is you, not me. There are so many things that can be done under this sun, amazing things, new ideas and collaborations, people coming together from different coming together, global impact from cohesive thinking and strong leadership. Is it safer to believe in a world thats impossible or cling to the fringes, daring others to challenge your sanity. After all Einstein was seen as a madman but for anything else to be E= beyond Mc squared generations later we question this. So who is mad, those who trial and fail to learn more, or those who rot in the safety of what is comfortable.

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