Itch Of the Pen

With each itch of the pen, we are all craftsmen trying to craft perfect sentences. Trying to construct a brilliant story to animate the lives of our audience. What and why? These are the asks. What is compelling you to keep going as the author with the makavelian pen. Today as I do often times I googled self published authors that wrote books which made them multi millionaires. Blockbusters, and some were even turned into films. Yet what engages me, what bewitches me is the sheer gusto, the dynamism, compulsion and the discipline. How did they muster the strength and the independence, to sell their stories and outwit the dragons of their niche. Giants who have held audiences captive for decades? How did they keep going when book sales plummeted, when reviews were poor, when manuscripts were denied by conventional gate keepers who believed their work was not up to par. So much confidence in a market that’s already over saturated, these beacons of hope and faith, just kept going. This is not just inspiring, it is incredible. If they had listened to someone else’s ” friendly advice” or the ” naysayer” that could have been the yaysayer, their lives could have turned out completely different. What I love about these stories is they didn’t sit on the sidelines simply sobbing that no one wants to give them a chance, they stood up and created their own opportunities.
They stood up to be counted.

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