The dance of a dream

Let imagination and story take you into the bosom of paradise. As a person there is a phrase I am sick of, let’s be realistic here. People who are confined or constricted to the limitations they’ve put upon themselves,suddenly begin telling you that what you deem possible is impossible. And yet I argue in my mind, as men bounce on moons in suits, and young women break records. Dare I be the one to condemn a dream. To trap it, to cage it within the brackets of my own fears when actually, it could merely be a seed, something planted within you to set your whole world aflame, and torch the terrors of the night. With strategy,planning, consistency, and support, what if this dream a whisper on your tongue could be snatched, brought into the light and as a ballerina permitted it’s dance before the gods. What if your dream could be your reality? Something positive, something bold, something accessible.

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