Abracadabra Snap!

Hunger. we all crave a positive change. An elevation of such. Our mouths foam and clot for different days, for the hope that someday soon, those old habbits that lead to our ruin, will be replaced with new formations. A stronger and a firmer self. It is important to keep in mind that different days will come, yet you must do the work. You must persist. It is less about the talk and more about the planning, action, goal setting, and persistence, when you find a vision that you want to pin to the frame. Small minded people may challenge your concept, do not let the vision be dulled, if it is something you are willing to commit to doing the work for. Opportunity does not seek out the whiner, it is often cloaked and disguised, yet he or she with a keen eye, and the ability to engage their senses will find where a door is closed, the universe puts a path for a window. Wether its your manuscript, the search for creative opportunities, partnerships, or collaborations, be willing to do the work, dont be a blind man expecting you’ll see a block of gold. It doesnt work like that. There are laws of the universe, Karmic laws. You must engage your higher self. Plant the seed, and water it, when your season comes there will be harvest. The problem is at times we have people who expect harvest without seeds, Abracadabra what are you thinking?

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