Clear waters of the Mind

Let courage meet the objective, because it takes boldness to fail or to succeed , but it simply takes boldness to try. To step out of your comfortable skin, your safe zone and apply yourself. People will try and rain their words and project their insecurities and their inferiority complexes on you, but if their lives were so perfect, why do they need to be judging yours. When did you say your life was a postcard for success. When did you say you were the advert to define success, no people who feel themselves lacking, will often compare themselves to you, look at your insecurities try and promote themselves as superior but simply ask them, when was the last time you conquered without me as the subject? Can you validate your own identity without trying to drag me into your confidence issues and your lack of esteem, do you feel you have failed, can you put your binoculars away and watch your boat? The passengers on your ship are drowning, because as a captain, you are not steering. So when people come for you, people who have not taken bold steps with their own lives and their own happiness, ask yourself, is this about me, or is this about you? Is this about all your failures turning into self contempt, because im watching my ship, and although your trying to drag us down, we’ll sail clear into clean and clear waters. Let your courage meet your objective, and believe no matter what someone who is bitter , jealous , and thoroughly inadequate feels, your mind is golden.

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