Peeling back the covers

Why not try and fail and keep going to learn. Knowledge applied is wisdom, wisdom gives us the advantage in the field of life. Growth comes through the challenges we navigate through around and the lessons we have access to.You must steer, you must drive, you must propel yourself forward with a plan. Bitesized actions and learn from the mistakes you make. So maybe in the past you had a challenge of not being consistent, so you challenge yourself and write the goal down. Design the specifications. What will it take? Who do i need to become? Who do i need to connect to , to make it happen? There is a difference between the story you tell yourself to keep yourself safe, and the lies you tell to hold yourself hostage. There are people who lie so easily to live a lie to themselves is nothing. In peeling back the covers and jumping unto the mattress, who will you find in your bed of life? Will you find that the bed has no springs and it simply collapses? Is there a wolf in your bed like the story of little red riding hood, who is in your bed? When you peel back the layering who will you face?

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