Yes that was me

Almost any decision is better than no decision — just keep moving.” – Danielle LaPorte

When fear and procrastination rear their ugly head , sometimes you don’t sit in the middle of the ocean and let the current drown you, you keep swimming. For the shore may not be too far away.

All creatives and uncreatives deal with the challenge of execution, yet perspective is key. If you believe this challenge will finish you,then access denied. Yet if you can gather strength from someone, reach in deep and pull until, yes it is a game of tug of war. Redefining a new habbit. You will fail many times,as I have done. Failure will
Echo and run a parade before your eyes, and yet remember your vision board, remember the affirmation on your lips, words that came out like a siren song, danced like a Gogo dancer before the gods, so brazen, so bold, and now what are you gonna cover your eyes with embarrassment. What if you weren’t , what if you were to utter the word, and allow it to become flesh, let it stand before you a titan, let it swing it’s dick before your eyes, then you blush, and you like a smitten teenager will simply say. I claim that, yes , that indeed was me.

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