The Magic of enterprise

Believe it. See it. Achieve it.

Welcome to a place that is as enchanting as it is magical, spiritual, relaxing, and indeed calming. Where is it? Your mind? Bills, red letters, debtors,absent. Why because you have found a key, and have planted it within the lock. You have access to a palace of ideas, which are bringing you a stream of income. You are monetising your online concepts. You are dissecting the market, engaging your audience and consumers, you know the psychology behind why your consumers purchased products from key competitors, and how they navigate the market. You have dominion within your niche, and now the hungry Lion is eating.  It is not crumpets at tea with the Queen, neither will you be on the guest list for the V.I.P section at every celebrity gala, but what you have coined for yourself and for those you love is access. Your knowledge is masterful, your well travelled and fly first class, you choose to drive a Peugeot even though potentially you can afford to buy a more luxury form of travel. Businesses are looking for you as a consultant, and brands are eager to partner with you for sponsorship, not to mention the catalogue of investors that you have in your network. Is this you yet? Soon enough…

Let me introduce myself my name is Otatade Okojie and I have a network that most people would kill for. How did I build that network was it through social selling, was it through engaging my audience, networking, learning to be adaptable, versatile, in a changing market. I have a billion pound network of over 60,000 contacts many of them investors, entrepreneurs, elites, brands and some are royals. From Nike, Mercedes, Burberry, Bentley, Private jet merchants, and elites selling their yachts, I have quite the network. Including some contacts linked to the esteemed Oprah Winfrey herself, a woman that is much loved and respected. How I got these contacts, well lets start with where I started. Having executed a degree in Journalism and sociology, I chose to do something very unconventional, I chose to become a photographer. I had a passion for writing and a curiosity for photography. What I learned as an entrepreneur trying to develop my photography business, was priceless. I learned how to take risks, receive rejection and acquire a bounce back mentality. Despite dealing with the challenges of my epilepsy at the time and the frustration of feeling like no one would give me a real opportunity, I chose to create my own opportunities and this mindset changed my life. I remember standing in the cold streets of London on the pavements, approaching perfect strangers, asking them if I could take their pictures, I remember jumping off the bus and sprinting towards one of the most beautiful mocha skinned girls I had ever seen and requesting she allowed me to take her picture, I went from networking event to networking event. I bought product after product to learn. I approached pr companies, students, startup businesses. Then finally I was commissioned for my work with Prince Charles and the Fa Cup, Sainsburys, and the Mcdonalds corporation. The more I worked on my talent for networking, and my skill with writing, and marketing, the more I discovered I had a new skill. I had a passion for blogging, and with my blog I wrote my first book Lunchbox Millionaire. Lunchbox millionaire was badly edited, not impeccably written but what I did with lunchbox was exceptional. I taught myself digital marketing, managed to get a publishing agent, who was once a sports agent, and is now a tv and media agent also, and I continued marketing , building a following until I built a billion pound network, turned Lunchbox Millionaire into a startup company with a team of investors, and managed to get an incubator program of recent to agree to invest £175,000 in another one of my companies Alchemii magazine linked to Lunchbox. A magazine I am developing with the photographer from Vogue Marco G. I am now an influencer with a 1 million audience. This article is here to provide you with some ideas and insights as to how you can develop your following, audience, utilise your marketing skills and engage more consumers for your product. How do you capitalise on social media and sell,sell, sell, what holes, ideas , insights and trends can we use to drive sales of our products.

The art of the Problem Solver

Problem solving

Use social media, mind map, have a strategy, a plan, a structure, be consistent in your endeavours, have a routine , enjoy the process, engage with your consumers. Know the reasons they invest in the products that they do. Why are they being engaged by your competition. Boost your traffic, post regularly, Build a conversation, do not leave your website to just be a page on the internet. You want open dialogues, a forum, engagement, open debates, about topics and products, you want passionate consumers, you want hungry clients, you want an active readership with busy hands. Content is always king. Your content must be crafted with the right keywords and seo terms, utilise your backlinks, share your posts with other bloggers and websites, magazines. Use listicles, use hooks , create headlines like 100 best , countdown to the best brands, hottest products in the market, Tornado trends that will blow you away, your red carpet of deliciously dynamic business do overs, Bitesized businesses juggernaut success, Business kingpins and how they did it. You want to captivate your audience. Using articles, and hooks that are like clickbait. Remember when audiences navigate the search engines we live in such a microwavable society , consumers want things quickly, so they type in short terms. Pay attention to trends in the market, in your niche, narrow down your niche and corner the market. The smaller the niche , the easier it is for you to test your product and dominate the market.Research , analytics and data is key, data drives products, with the data you acquire this should help you test your product and see what works and what doesn’t, with your demographics. What is appealing, and what isn’t. You can test through content on your social media, what content is appealing to your audience the most, Engage them in quiz’s question and answer, short surveys, feedback forms , newsletters, and make sure their engaging with your site and navigating it in all its entirety. Ask the right questions.

How will you gain access to the market?

Utilise your social media?

How will you convert?

How will you explode your traffic?

What platforms will you use to propel your brand forward?

What is your brands unique selling point?



And strategies

How do you build engagement?

How have great brands built engagement?

Monetising your audience is all about follower engagement,traffic and building a relationship a system and having a product to sell.

Well packaged, well branded, and having a very well structured very easy to use funnel. Utilise your social media, and one of the keys to remember is it’s not what’s in it for you, but what’s in it for your target audience. Your role is a problem solver, focus on a niche, and develop, as you build that relationship with your audience, they will keep coming back to you and investing their funds.

Although strategically your aim is to acquire funds, you are not there just to take, people can smell a taker from a mile off. Nobody wants to do business with people who are unskilled at building relational marketing skills, this is the ability to engage the client. Set up a website, have an affiliate link,or several, drop ship or sell products and engage your following which are now your clients with products that they have a demand for. Follow up with them, check in to see how their day’s going and what else they require. We often argue that nice is overrated and nice people get played in various areas of life, but in reality we still only part with our money when there is synergy, when we feel we have been treated with respect. And people observe, that’s why feedback, reviews and testimonials are so important, no one wants to buy from the local arsehole. We buy from people who believe the old adage that the customer is always right, and how can I help my customer? Learn sales skills, engage your audience with good content , utilise your social media and assist the people in your network, they will be your endorsement angels. They will spread word to others in the network that you are the go to guy, it’s a very powerful position to be in becoming the go to guy or lady, who everyone comes to because they know about this that or the other, and they also have the resources, insight and information. Be that individual the thing about Larry the go to guy, is that if he doesn’t have it now, he knows where to get it. What is his power? Positioning , accessibility, he becomes a social resource, and his network grows because he makes it his business to be what?….in the know. There are multiple ways to make a million online, yet it’s not the money, it’s the skill of relationship building and engaging customers,making them want to come back again, and again, and again, and again. In the area of business, the illusion that you always have to be cut throat,ruthless and the arsehole in the office, is somewhat a myth. That arsehole doesn’t stand alone,he or she has a network of staff with exceptional relationship building and management skills, customer service remains tantamount, it remains key. There are multiple ways to monetise online blogs, websites, membership hubs, influencers, referral programs,affiliate programs,earning commissions from selling other people’s products, utilise your following, build an interactive community with consistency, have a CRM system or a funnel, and really show them that you are ‘ that person’ they can come to you for problem solving

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