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Theres a whole shopping list of ways you can bring money in through your online activities. Yet what is key, is to make sure your site has exceptional seo so it is ranked high on the Google search engines. This will draw more attention to you, and ensure you get more traffic. Traffic translated is audience, views, clicks, engagement and ofcourse, money. So lets talk about some other ways you can bring money in, ecommerce, sales for startups, be an online consultant. Many startups are consistently looking for sales people, offer your time for commission. Engage with potential clients on social media, sites like quora are great because you can social proof and set yourself up as an expert. The more questions you answer on Quora, the more of a following you build, you can offer services and showcase your skills. Make sure you also have a website with great seo, search engine optimisation, you can learn search engine optimisation on apps like audible, youtube tutorials , and other course sites like Udemy. Build a following through social media, make sure its an active following, post comments, be a problem solver for your network, build relationships.Other ways is to sell advertising in online media sales, start a blog or a subscription membership community based on the niche area you’d like to work in, What are your strengths, what is lacking in the market, how can you be of assistance.

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