How to gain access to the Brands market Building up your brand

Building up your brand is all about follower and audience engagement. Creating a traffic storm, tapping into key trends and building a relationship, a system and having a product to sell.

Well packaged, well branded products and having a very well setup and very easy to use funnel. Utilise your social media, and one of the keys to remember is it’s not what’s in it for you, but what’s in it for your target audience. Your role is a problem solver, focus on a niche, and develop, as you build that relationship with your audience, they will keep coming back to you and investing their funds.

Although strategically your aim is to acquire funds, you are not there just to take, people can smell a taker from a mile off. Nobody wants to do business with people who are unskilled at building relational marketing skills, this is the ability to engage the client. Set up a website, have an affiliate link,or several, or sell products and engage your following which are now your clients with products that they have a demand for.

Follow up with them, check in to see how their day’s going and what else they require. We often argue that nice is overrated and nice people get played in various areas of life, but in reality we still only part with our money when there is synergy, when we feel we have been treated with respect. And people observe, that’s why feedback, reviews and testimonials are so important, no one wants to buy from the local arsehole. We buy from people who believe the old adage that the customer is always right, and how can I help my customer? Learn sales skills, engage your audience with good content , utilise your social media and assist the people in your network, they will be your endorsement angels. They will spread word to others in the network that you are the go to guy, it’s a very powerful position to be in becoming the go to guy or lady, who everyone comes to because they know about this that or the other, and they also have the resources, insight and information. Be that individual the thing about Larry the go to guy, is that if he doesn’t have it now, he knows where to get it. What is his power? Positioning , accessibility, he becomes a social resource, and his network grows because he makes it his business to be what?….in the know. There are multiple ways to make a million online, yet it’s not the money, it’s the skill of relationship building and engaging customers,making them want to come back again, and again, and again, and again. In the area of business, the illusion that you always have to be cut throat,ruthless and the arsehole in the office, is somewhat a myth. That arsehole doesn’t stand alone,he or she has a network of staff with exceptional relationship building and management skills, customer service remains tantamount, it remains key. There are multiple ways to monetise online blogs, websites, membership hubs, influencers, referral programs,affiliate programs,earning commissions from selling other people’s products, utilise your following, build an interactive community with consistency, have a CRM system or a funnel, and really show them that you are ‘ that person’ they can come to for problem solving.

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