Ways to make Money online using your Social media platforms

First of all decoide what area or niche subject your going to focus on. Is it brand, marketing, fashion, itallian shoes, whatever your subject or niche, make sure your content is both lively and engaging. Mind map, have a strategy, a plan, a structure. Build effective content and utilise yoast or seo for high ranking of your site. Post to your various social media channels minimum 5 times a day, and request your audience share your post. Be consistent in your endeavours, have a routine , enjoy the process, engage with your consumers. Know the reasons they invest in the products that they do. Why are they being engaged by your competition. Boost your traffic, post regularly, Build a conversation, do not leave your website to just be a page on the internet. You want open dialogues, a forum, engagement, open debates, about topics and products, you want passionate consumers, you want hungry clients, you want an active readership with busy hands. Content is always king. Your content must be crafted with the right keywords and seo terms, utilise your backlinks, share your posts with other bloggers and websites, magazines. Use listicles, use hooks , create headlines like 100 best , countdown to the best brands, hottest products in the market, Tornado trends that will blow you away, your red carpet of deliciously dynamic business do overs, Bitesized businesses juggernaut success, Business kingpins and how they did it. You want to captivate your audience. Using articles, and hooks that are like clickbait. Remember when audiences navigate the search engines we live in such a microwavable society , consumers want things quickly, so they type in short terms. Pay attention to trends in the market, in your niche, narrow down your niche and corner the market. The smaller the niche , the easier it is for you to test your product and dominate the market.Research , analytics and data is key, data drives products, with the data you acquire this should help you test your product and see what works and what doesn’t, with your demographics. What is appealing, and what isn’t. You can test through content on your social media, what content is appealing to your audience the most, Engage them in quiz’s question and answer, short surveys, feedback forms , newsletters, and make sure their engaging with your site and navigating it in all its entirety. Ask the right questions.

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